ESREF 2022

33rd European Symposium on Reliability of Electron
Devices Failure Physics and Analysis

September 26-29, 2022

Velektronik: Analysis 4 Trusted Electronics


 Berlin, Germany. Tuesday 27th September 2022.

Day 1 of the ESREF Conference, onsite / Address: At H4 Hotel, Berlin


Today’s society depends increasingly and in many aspects on the availability of trusted microelectronics. The supply chains for systems are very complex and global. In this supply chain there are several options that counterfeit and manipulated devices could compromise security of information as well as safety and reliability even in critical application and infrastructure. The availability of effective and efficient analysis methods, tools and work flows for active and passive components and assemblies in a Zero Trust philosophy is becoming a cornerstone. The challenge posed by scaling technologies and  heterointegration is increasing and modern tools for failure analysis are becoming an critical asset for verifying authenticity. In a BMBF funded platform project Velektronik a network of experienced Fraunhofer Institutes is inviting to this workshop to bring experts from industry, government and academia together for a fruitful exchange of today’s experience and definition of demands for tomorrow with an emphasis on analysis.

Key topics are:

  • Classes of Trust
  • Analysis Methods
  • Attack Vectors

4 Sessions:

  1. Hardware Security
  2. Counterfeit Detection
  3. Physical Unclonable Functions
  4. Trojan Detection

We encourage experts from industry, governmental agencies as well as students to participate. The event will provide a great opportunity to network with representatives from all over Europe.

There is also the opportunity to join the ESREF event. The ESREF international symposium continues to focus on the newest developments and future prospects for quality and reliability management of materials, devices, and circuits for micro-, nano-, and optoelectronics.

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