ESREF 2022

33rd European Symposium on Reliability of Electron
Devices Failure Physics and Analysis

September 26-29, 2022


ESREF2022 is expected to return as an on-site event. As an exhibitor, you will have the unique opportunity to market your products and services to a captive audience of buyers, designers, and influential researchers.

Our opening hours are arranged to give exhibitors maximum exposure, and social events are planned in the exhibition space to encourages all delegates to meet and mingle formally and informally. Approx. 20 booths are available on a first-come-first-served basis. We will try to accommodate all of your special needs and requests.

Exhibitor Profiles

For over 39 years, Allied High Tech Products has provided sample preparation products for failure analysis to the microelectronics industry. Allied manufactures cutting-edge equipment with all design, manufacturing and assembly taking place in-house to ensure the highest quality equipment is produced. Allied’s state-of-the-art tools include the X-Prep® Precision Polishing/Grinding/Milling Machine, MultiPrep Polishing System, TechCut™ Sectioning Saws and a range of metallurgical mounting equipment and grinders/polishers. Please stop by Stand #19 for more in-depth information.

Checkpoint Technologies develops and manufactures innovative optical failure analysis tools used by semiconductor manufacturers in Laser Scanning and Photon Emission Microscopy. Checkpoint Technologies InfraScan™ product line includes laser probing, visible laser probing, frequency mapping, photon emission, lock-in TIVA and OBIRCH, Dual-Beam LTM-S Probing, SIL technologies, Dual SIL Systems, FemtoSecond Pulsed Laser stimulus, 2-photon LADA, TR-LADA, and pulsed laser probing – to reflect our fundamental commitment to maximizing value by adapting technology to meet specific market needs within the field of semiconductor device physics analytics.

DC (Digit Concept SAS) has been helping FA/QA for 30 years now and is one of the leading suppliers of commercial IC Decapsulation, Cross Sectioning and PCB Cut tools.

We design and manufacture state of the art equipment’s in Europe and this year we will show the newest one:

  • SesamePLASMA DCap : iMIP™ release 2022 (developed during SAM3 European Project)

We will be happy to present you on our booth the last release of:

  • SesameLASER : SLP500 PreCavity before Acids or Plasma, IC Cross Sectioning, PCB wafer Cut …
  • SesameACID : iSA777 Au, Al, Cu, Ag wires compatible, IC polarization, 10°C capability

As always with DC you can UP-GRADE or TRADE-IN your old equipment with iPanel™ or with full new equipment.

Have a fruitful ESREF with DC.

Eurofins MASER is an independent engineering service company. Since 1993 we have offered Reliability Test and Failure Analysis Services to the semiconductor and electronic systems industry.

We offer a wide range of qualification procedures (AEC Q100/JEDEC/MIL/IEC) to qualify the products according to the latest international standards or to your specific requirements. 

Whether a company is active as Fabless Semiconductor Manufacturer, IC Design House, Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) Provider or Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) we can support them with their daily Reliability Test or Failure Analysis challenges.

The Research Fab Microelectronics Germany (FMD) as a cooperation of the Fraunhofer Group for Microelectronics with the Leibniz Institutes FBH and IHP is your central contact for all questions concerning micro- and nanoelectronics in Germany and Europe. As a One-Stop-Shop, FMD combines the scientifically excellent technologies, applications and system solutions of the cooperating institutes into a combined overall offer in order to actively address the current and future challenges of electronics research. Under the virtual roof of FMD, one of Europe’s largest R&D cooperation has been created, which, with its 2,000 researchers and its unique diversity of competencies and infrastructures, provides customers and partners with easy access to new applications and high technologies at different technical levels of maturity.

Our success rests on three pillars: First, an enormous treasure of know-how in all aspects of wire-bonding technology; secondly, our outstandingly competent employees, and thirdly the excellent rapport we have built up to several hundred customers world-wide. This has helped to stay ahead in bonding technology for many years, for us and for our customers alike.

Hamamatsu Photonics is one of a few companies, in the world that develops a wide range of light sensors, such as photodiodes, image sensors and photomultiplier tubes, as well as number of light sources.

Our portfolio of more than 10,000 products does not only include components, but also fully integrated systems, like our new emission microscope PHEMOS X for failure localization in semiconductor devices.
It can be equipped with up to 5 lasers from VIS to NIR for the customized analysis.
Phemos X is prepared for analysis of Logic and Power Devices, including advanced CMOS technologies. Its structure is designed to embed each of those approaches, either individually or „all at once“.

Hitachi Power Solutions develops, produces, and provides ultrasonic inspection systems as well as ultrasonic transducers. We have a long history working in the field of non-destructive inspection as a subsidiary of Hitachi’s electric power business unit for more than 40 years and as a manufacturer of ultrasonic inspection systems applied to electronic devices for 30 years.

Our wide variety of the lineup achieves appropriate selection of the product for various customers‘ samples. Our ultrasonic transducers are manufactured in-house so that can be provided the most proper one for a sample. Transducer customization regarding to the frequency and the focal length is available.

Kleindiek Nanotechnik is a small, flexible high-tech company that specializes in ultra-precise nanopositioning. In recent years, we’ve been focussing on dedicated solutions for electrical fault location and analysis on current and future technology nodes. Our Prober Shuttle platform incorporates up to eight three-axis probers combined with a three-axis substage for easy step and repeat measurements. All 27 axes have positioning resolutions as low as 0.05 nm and are equipped with positional encoders yielding semi-automated workflows. Nanoprobing analyses including EBIC, EBAC, EBIRCH, etc. experiments can be performed with ease. The system is validated on 5 nm and ready for future technologies!

JP Kummer Group is a specialist European distributor of instruments and consumables mainly for the Solar- and Semiconductor Industr. Using our long established relationships within the worldwide Industry we bring the newest and most technologically advanced products to the European market.

We are specalist for: Laser Probing and Emission Detection, wafer thickness, geometry, resistivity, surface inspection, slot-die coating, decapsulator and de-layering systems, SEM/TEM Sample preparation equipment, Scanning Acoustic Microscope, curve tracer, plasma cleaning, Vacuum bake/Vapour prime ovens, x-Ray inspection, calibration standards, MEMS characterization system.

Nordson Test & Inspection is the trusted authority on the application of Acoustic Micro Imaging (AMI) technology for nondestructive internal inspection and analysis, a benchmark for accuracy.
The company has an award-winning portfolio of bond tester, X-ray inspection and counting systems for nondestructive and destructive mechanical testing, inspection and counting of electronic components.
PM Professional Maintenance is provider for failure analysis systems and the representative of Nordson (AMI) Systems in German Areas (DACH), sales, service support and training.

Our commitment to high-quality products ensures that your sensitive equipment operates smoothly, reliably and profitably.

Opsens Solutions design and manufacture miniature fiber optic sensor designed for direct temperature monitoring of power semiconductor devices. Applicable for measurement of junction temperature and establishment of temperature mission profile on Power Electronics module. Immune to electromagnetic and radiofrequency interferences, these non-invasive sensors provide a very fast response time, and are specifically designed for ageing simulation, thermal stress analysis & modelling assessment, and permanent temperature monitoring during service.

TDM by Insidix is a topography & deformation measurement machine using Projection Moiré for temperature-dependent warpage measurement. We designed our technology for the 3D measurements of complex objects under thermal stress. TDM exerts thermal profiles and cycles on electronics components in the same way as they are imposed on devices during production processes or operations.

TDM has an internal heating/cooling sequence with an optical set-up for 3D topography analysis under thermal stress for all materials, components, and sub-systems. We measure the 3D deformation related to the imposed thermal stress throughout the thermal cycle and reveal the device’s faults.

PacTech is a technology-focused company specialized in advanced packaging equipment manufacturing and wafer level packaging services. We are known to be highly adaptive to customization and unique applications. Our team of technical experts is striving to resolve various packaging challenges faced by the industry to provide our customers and partners more competitive solutions in terms of cost, time-to-market, and technology advancement. Our headquarter is located in Nauen, Germany with two operation and manufacturing sites in Santa Clara, CA, USA and Penang, Malaysia.

point electronic GmbH is an independent supplier of detectors, acquisition and control systems for SEM, TEM and Micro-analysers. The company is an established leader in development of custom microscopes and techniques, such as Topography, EBIC and EBAC/RCI, and is a leading supplier of custom inspection microscopes and electrical failure analysis instrumentation. point electronic GmbH also provides a wide range of services for standard microscopes, up to complete electronics and software upgrades. The company operates since 1992 and is based in Halle (Saale), Germany.

Acoustic Microscopy / Made in Germany

PVA TePla Analytical Systems GmbH has been a ground-breaking expert in the field of acoustic microscopy for more than 30 years. With a range of leading solutions to suit all industries and fields of technology, we enable our customers to perform reliable non-destructive materials testing—from the inspection of solar and semiconductor systems all the way to failure analyses for ingots used in the production of wafers and MEMS systems.

QualiTau is the leading supplier of reliability test equipment and services offering comprehensive turn-key solutions, which cater to the current and future needs of Quality, Reliability, and Technology Development groups within the semiconductor industry. Since the successful introduction of its first system, QualiTau has become a leading developer of electronic equipment for the increasingly important field of semiconductor process reliability.

SECTOR TECHNOLOGIES is a distributor for high-tech products within European Semiconductor Industry . Our focus is the distribution of failure analysis high-end equipment.

New technology introduction requires new tools for failure analysis adapted to the challenges: Lock-in Thermography ( Elite), EMMI and laser scanning microscopy application (Meridian family) and nanoprobing ( nProber IV, Hyperion) from ThermoFisher are products specifically targeted for process development, yield improvement , failure analysis for complex electronics components . For samples preparation and backside SI thinning we have an extended offer : JetEtch, PlasmaEtch and VarioMill .For electrical test (digital, MxSL, Power) : Mutest , Teseda , FocusedTest

SERMA Technologies and PAC-G combine the unmatched capabilities of Grenoble’s Large Scale facilities with the outstanding technical expertise of SERMA in a unique service offer to the microelectronics industry.

  • SERMA TECHNOLOGIES is specialized in the Electronic Technologies Management, abusive tests on batteries and material expertise. Providing, for the electronics industry, its services of analysis, tests and consulting on electronic components, cards and complete electronic systems and offering support to its customers and R&D partners throughout the industrial cycle by advising them during development, manufacturing and sustaining cycle about durability, maintainability and availability of their products. 


  • PAC-G (Platform for Advanced Characterisation Grenoble) is an innovative service platform providing access to the European Synchrotron (ESRF), the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), the CNRS/LPSC and CEA-Leti’s Nanocharacterization Platform.

SmarAct Metrology GmbH & Co. KG develops sophisticated equipment to serve high accuracy positioning and metrology applications in research and industry within fields such as optics, semiconductors and life sciences.

Our broad product portfolio – from miniaturized interferometers and optical encoders for displacement measurements to powerful electrical nanoprobers for the characterization of smallest semiconductor technology nodes – is completed by turnkey scanning microscopes which can be used in vacuum, cryogenic or other harsh environments.



With over 20 years of experience, we have established our name as the technology leader in bond testing worldwide. With 100% of our focus on bond testing, xyztec teams with customers to offer innovative solutions that address their specific bond test needs. Our mission is to take on the challenges of many different industries by offering customers products that improve their quality and increase their bottom line.

We believe that our Sigma bond testing systems embody each of our staff members‘ competencies, accuracy, and knowledge. Each Sigma is modular by design and equipped with the latest technology available. The manufacturing takes place in close cooperation with our ISO9001 certified Dutch suppliers. At xyztec bv, we have the experience and teamnology to create solutions for any bond testing requirement. Our skilled engineers, based all around the world, work together with global partners to provide local support worldwide.




Turnkey booths are available at ESREF2022 and can be rented in two different sizes. They include energy supply (230 V), inscription of company name (top) and  logo (sideways) and furniture as indicated below.

Please note that additional stand personnel beyond the free exhibition-only registration will have to be registered separately. Additional fittings (e.g., showcases) and energy supply (380 V) can be ordered directly from our booth builder and will be charged separately. Usable room height: 4,05 m, maximum floor load: 3000 kg / qm.


Standard booth (6 m²)
2,800,- € plus 19% VAT when booking before May 31, 2022
3,200,- € plus 19% VAT when booking before August 31, 2022
Includes table, two chairs and one free conference registration (including access to the conference sessions and catering (coffee breaks, cocktails and lunches, but NO conference dinner))

Big booth (12 m²)
4,400,- € plus 19% VAT when booking before May 31, 2022
4,800,- € plus 19% VAT when booking before August 31, 2022
Includes table, two chairs and one free conference registration (including access to the conference sessions and catering (coffee breaks, cocktails, lunches and conference dinner))

Additional Charges
300,- € plus 19% VAT (each) Extra free expo only registration / 330,- € plus 19% VAT since June 2, 2022 (late fee)
Includes access to the exhibition and catering (coffee breaks, cocktails and lunches, but NO conference dinner)
85,- € plus 19% VAT (each) Extra Gala Dinner / 95,- € plus 19% VAT since June 2, 2022 (late fee)

Please also check out the opportunities of supporting the event as a sponsor.


If you want to participate as an exhibitor at ESREF 2022, you can book your booth via ConfTool. In case of any questions about the order or details, please feel free to contact us:


Terms of registration for exhibitors:

  • The booking of an exhibition booth is binding.
  • Booths will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • The exhibition fees are owed upon registration and are payable within 14 days following submission of the registration (but not later than 7 days before the first day of the event).
  • Please note that additional stand personnel beyond the one included conference registration will have to be registered separately. Additional fittings (e.g., showcases) and energy supply (380 V) can be ordered directly from our booth builder and will be charged separately.
  • If, despite our best efforts, we are not able to organize the exhibition as an on-site event, we will be offering attractive online advertising packages, but exhibitors will also be allowed to cancel their booth registration.


For more information or to secure your exhibition package contact:

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